Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

Stop Blindly Applying and Take Aim

Job Seekers search through hundreds of job postings each week. It's exausting work. To make matters worse, the typical job seeker submits the same resume for every application.

Unless your resume contains the correct key words, the applicant tracking system won't select you as a qualified applicant. How do you increase your chances?

Modify the content on your resume to target the job posting.

That's how you become a

Find the Keywords

  • Paste your resume and a job posting to get a keyword analysis
  • Keywords from the job posting, that are not on your resume, will appear in Red Bubbles
  • Matching keywords appear in Green Bubbles
  • If a keyword does not seem to be important, click the x beside it
  • Use the button to undo an action
  • Use the button to refresh the keyword list
  • Use the word cloud buttons to see word frequencies

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Created by Gabe Schnall

When I started my career, I spent an enormous amout of time applying to job postings with little hope of a response. I quckly found myself discouraged and disinterested. It took a few years to find reliable work. I built this application in hopes of making the job search less painful for future generations of job seekers.

This app does not save your resume in a database and I do not store any information from my users. For your convenience, resumes are stored locally on your browser until it's closed. Enjoy!

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